FUSEKA is the International Organization for the Instruction and Performance of Functional Self-Defence Karate.

FUSEKA is an independent organization of the highest level. It is only subordinate to the laws of the country where FUSEKA is performed.

FUSEKA is also an abbreviation for Functional Self-Defence Karate.

FUSEKA is not a sports discipline. It is not a member of any sports organizations.

FUSEKA does not teach sports performance of karate techniques, nor does it lead to sports competitions.

FUSEKA recommends avoiding fights incited by provocation, offence, conceit or other unimportant motives rather than health protection in the event of necessary self-defence.

FUSEKA teaches destructive attacks in self-defence. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

FUSEKA is a functional self-defence system of unarmed body techniques.

FUSEKA is very different from other forms of self-defence.

FUSEKA enables other entities to pursue functional self-defence karate within a contract- and licence-based relationship.

FUSEKA does not rely on particular personalities or representatives and does not release information about them. The FUSEKA principle is significant by itself.

FUSEKA supports the foundation of new clubs. New FUSEKA instructors are trained.

FUSEKA has its own methods of instruction.

FUSEKA uses the KYU and DAN ranks.



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